This is the Top Bar Beehive that I built. You can get more information on these here:




I set it up about 30 feet from my existing hive (YouTube - User: Zardiw).

I was hoping when the original hive threw a swarm that they would move into the Top Bar. I used some lemon grass oil, and some honey comb I had to entice them.

One day I went out there to check, and a swarm had moved in!

Most likely the lemon grass oil/honey comb wasn't necessary, since the scouts from the swarm would no doubt have found it anyway.



Sliding access restriction:

This shows where the window is located.


Looking at the top bars from underneath:



4-21-2011. Approx. date of swarm moving in.

Taken 5-8-2011. They've done a lot of work in 2 weeks!



5-17-2011: More combs built. It's been a bit cool lately, so they're mostly staying inside.




Warre Hive Pictures