Social Media/IHub Posting Bible

Courtesy of DDAmanda

Please do not share this with anyone you do not trust.

Goal: Your goal is to catch eyeballs. The more eyeballs you catch, the more peeps will buy. Also what you are aiming for is for people to do some DD on the investigate it more. Then they should see what a great stock you found for them to make money on. In addition, your goal is to provide good DD and put a positive light on your stock. The reason for this is partly to offset the shit that the shorting crews will post.

Do not underestimate the importance of positive stuff and DD on your stock's message boards. New investors will Google your stock when they hear about it and what they see will affect their decision to buy or not.

Shorting Crews: Shorting and driving the stock price down is Big Business. If you're wondering why your wonderful company's price is deteriorating, just look at her message boards. Chances are the shorting crews are doing a number on your stock. They will find negative shit. And if not they will make it up. Take all the above to the bank, cause I've seen it happen over and over.

Most longs don't have a clue as to what's going on. Try to do your part to support your company. Longs have to work 5-10 times harder than bashers cause it's 5-10 times easier to drop a stock than let her grow........remember that.

You need an IHub Membership to do Symbol Searches, etc. This is Gold. Make sure you get one if you don't already have one. For the benefits you get, the pittance of a price is well worth it.

The Posting Commandments

0. NEVER respond to a basher. Tell all your fellow longs to NEVER respond to a basher. If anybody responds to a basher send them a private message/email/whatever and tell them to STOP.

1. ALWAYS put the symbol somewhere in the post. This helps add it to the buzz cloud. And your post will show up on site symbol searches and Google searches.

2. Try for a provocative title, i.e.the first 8 words of your post.

3. The first 8 words becomes the title/subject line. So make them count. If you have a / or a - between 2 words with no spaces...that counts as one word. You can use this to add more than 8 words to your subject. After you post look at the page, to make sure all the important stuff shows up in the message list.

4. First compose your post. Then before you hit submit, select it all and copy the text. (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C). Then repost it on 2 other boards. Use paste (Ctrl-V).

4A. There is an option on IHub where all your posts automatically get Tweeted on Twitter. Set that option!

5. Try to put some DD in your post. You can get DD from recent news, filings, the share structure, a chart, etc. However if your stock is running/doing good, an occasional: 'ABCD ........WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe' will

6. Post to some hole in the wall boards. Those people really appreciate new guys posting. But don’t just pump.....put some meat in your posts there. You’ll be surprised how much response there is on these boards.

7. Your post should Always respond to someone else’s post. When you do a search on the symbol (IHub Talk in DDAmanda), you’ll get a list of every post that mentioned the symbol on IHub...respond to one of those. But you can also respond to some of the big wigs on IHub...or your friends also even if they're not talking about your stock. The symbol search will only work if you're a paying member of IHub. I highly recommend you do that so you can search every post on the entire site that mentions that symbol. This is pure gold.

8. ALWAYS respond to someone when you post.....never just do a new post. And try to keep a convo going. One long talking to another long(s) or other members is powerful. And it's easy to do. Just keep responding to posts in your Mail Box.

9. Advanced: Post in some crazy way. You can look at some of my PTOI posts for examples. The goal is to make it stick in people’s minds...or to make their brains light Stuff like ‘it’s on the tip of my toe’....instead of Just some crazy shit.

10. NEVER, EVER EVER respond to a basher. That just puts it in their mailbox and makes it easy for them to reply with more of their sociopathetic bullshit.

11. Never just post a link. That makes people work. People don’t like to work. SO, copy/paste the text, a screenshot, or part of whatever it is....then add the link.

12. Remember that for every guy that posts, there’s probably 50 that just lurk. That’s your audience for the most part.

13. Try to post a picture, a video, a screenshot of some DD..something visual. Here's the best screenshot program around: ScreenHunter .

And if you want to add some text, or highlight stuff on a picture, this is the best program for editing/resizing/etc pictures: FastStone Image Viewer. You can add text, arrows, etc to your screenshots to make them have more impact.

Putting videos in your post is powerful. Every YouTube video has this id (in purple) somewhere in the URL: . Now you can insert your video like this on IHub: [yt]pe0HZyT7Fdk[/yt]. Just use the ID of the video.......the part that comes after ?v= in the URL of the video.

14. If you're married to a stock or in it for the long haul: Make a text file with all your DD posts, so you just have to copy/paste on subsequent days.

You can also create a webpage, a Google Doc (Google Docs is a Wonderful Thing to collaborate on documents), or a DropBox file with your posts and other people's good posts. Then give the link to other longs so they can just copy/paste from that file to post. Try to get everybody to work together and do their part in posting. Start a Telegram Group. You can bet the bashers have one. Longs have to work 5-10 TIMES HARDER than bashers. It's a hell of a lot easier to drop a stock than to raise it.

15. If you post on BB’s or MOMO’s’re gonna have to get creative. So your post sticks out. Cause those boards get swamped with posts. And for the most part it’s ineffective to post there. But one or 2 posts is OK. Also if most of the posts are bold...make yours plain. Put your subject/first line in will show up that way in the message list. And you can start it with something that catches the eye. Like 'Here's what I think about XXXX.' or 'Did you know that XXXX....etc'

16. If you're a mod on a board do NOT delete basher's posts UNLESS they break TOS. If you delete valid matter HOW wrong you think they are, they will get restored. Then they get the Pretty Green Arrows, which is BAD.

17. Keep your posts short and sweet. Nobody is gonna read a tome of a post.

Bashers will try to push your buttons, and they are VERY GOOD at it. DO NOT Fall for this shit. Keep your EGO under control. Just counter their bullshit with other posts (remember to respond to a Long..Never respond to them).

Remember that bashers are sociopathetic ASSHOLES. They'd love nothing better than to drive the stock to no bid....and they would dance a jig and piss on your grave if given the chance. You CANNOT argue with them and expect ANY results. They don't give a shit. Do Not Let them get your goat.......Keep your ego in check.....take some deep Even if they call your CEO a 'shit for brains', which is perfectly OK with IHub. Every once in awhile you can respond to them.....'That's utter bullshit' is a good response.

IHub TOS. It's EASY. You can talk about POSTS. You CANNOT talk about other members. Address the MESSAGE...not the Messenger.

17. If you're a mod, you can do this ONCE in a while: Delete a good DD post and then restore it. If anybody asks you can say you screwed up. BUT, that good DD post will get the Pretty Green Arrows. Do Not overuse this trick!

18. DO NOT FUCK UP as a mod, cause IHub will remove you, and then a basher just might take your place.

18.5 NEVER respond to a basher. No matter WHAT the fuck they say. NEVER.

19. On a stock just starting out, fill all 6 mod slots with longs, so bashers won't get a spot.

20. If a basher posts something nasty, or God forbid gets a post restored (with the Pretty Green Arrows) you need to get that post rolled off the first page. So all the longs should post as much as they can until the post is gone from the first page. Not many people will go to previous pages.

21. NEVER trust PM (Private Messages) on IHub.....there's not much 'private' about them if you catch my drift. Use EMails, or Telegram instead.

22. Keep an eye on your Removed Posts . If a basher mod has removed one of your posts and that post did not break IHub TOS, ask for a Review. They will restore your post and you'll get the Pretty Green Arrows.

If it keeps happening Complain Bitterly to IHub (Private Msg to Admin). There is live support now also. Maybe you can get that basher mod removed.

23. If you REALLY want to go toe to toe with a basher, look at this guy's posts. He was the Pro from Dover when it comes to doing that. But you'll have to REALLY know your company, and do DD to counter/argue with these basher fucks: And mostly it's a waste of time.

24. You can also play with your signature (you can put an image there). I'm married to PTOI, so you can look at some of my posts. Remember that you cannot have anything in your signature that refers to a particular stock, so you'll have to get creative.

25. If you get suspended and wind up in a man/woman and don't post there. Suck it up and do your time. Post here instead: ......btw....there's a file and a secret way out of jail. It's under the ....aaarrrghhhaaahhh

26. You can send people a PM and ask them what they think of your stock. You can do the same to one of the Popular Members (below).

27. NEVER respond to a basher fuck. NEVER. EVER.......ever.

28. The ONLY Exception to responding to Bashers is this: If bashers are posting a LOT, you can respond to all of them with some DD posts, or just any post. What this will do is get the board on the Breakout Boards list, because of excessive posts. This will generate IBalls.

29. IHub has a feature that will Tweet all your posts. Make sure that setting is active.

If you have any other ideas for this Bible.....EMail me:


At the bottom are a few good boards to post on. But what you also want to do is pick a post from the symbol search/IHub Talk that’s on an off the wall board and respond to it. That’s how you find hole in the wall boards. Once you find em, respond to someone there..maybe the mod and post your new stock.

You can also find great boards using the Most Read, Breakout Boards, Active Boards links on IHub.

Here's a lot of good boards to post on: Good IHub Boards

Most Followed Members. Maybe you should respond to one of these as well: Popular Members

Here's a good forum that's getting very popular (and that is looser than IHub as far as TOS). The format is similar to IHub. Sign up and start posting there too: InvestorsHangout

Some really good IHub Boards:

JT’s DD King:

Penny Stock Grow Room:

Hunt for the Next 10 Bagger:

Lion’s Den:$treet-Trader-Lions-Den-9676/

Rig’s Platinum (NO CAPS/BOLD in subject here) (This is a High Class board. NO PUMPING):

Penny World’s:

Pretty Girl Picks. (add a girl image in your post):

There are other stock forums also. Just do a Message Board Search
I would avoid Yahoo for the most part. Once bashers start hitting the board, it gets totally out of control.
If the Yahoo Board is halfway clean, you can post there.