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This is a detailed tutorial on how to replace change the disc pads or brake shoes on a Chevy Truck. Ford and Dodge Trucks are similar. You will see how to replace the disc pads, and brake shoes on a typical car, truck or van. The principle is the same for passenger cars. How to change the disk brake pads, and the brake shoes is easy. Note: This how to change brake shoes and disk pads tutorial now includes detailed instructions for Disk or Disc brakes, which are truly simple to change.

Beware of free how to information on the internet. They do not show you the tricks and other things you need to do to replace the disc pads and brake shoes in the same manner as a professional would do it. This tutorial will make your life easier, because there are over 130 pictures that detail the job from start to finish. You don't want to take apart your brakes, and then wind up having to call a tow truck so you can get the job finished!!

There are about 130 color pictures, and 5 pages in the tutorial. It is as detailed as you can get, and there are also a lot of tips included to make your life easier.

How to change these disc pads and brake drum shoes is one of the easiest things you can do on a car or truck.

You will save a LOT of money doing these yourself. That's like putting free money into your pocket.

I've had this tutorial up for a number of years now, and over 3,000 people have used it.

I was hoping I would get a little money donated, but do you know how much money people have donated so far?

NOTHING!, Nada, zilch, the Big Goose

And my bandwidth is increasing, so it's actually COSTING me money to have this up.

So I've decided to make people pay a little money to see this info. I figure $9.99 is fair. SO, if you want DETAILED info (remember...over 90 color pictures!) on how to repair what is arguably the most important part of your truck, it's gonna cost you a few bucks.

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